About Us

About Us

Welcome to Zand Kitchen. Zand Kitchen is a family business that started with an idea for bringing people to the table. The name of Zand Kitchen inspired by an ancient Persian king “Karim Khan Zand”. He was the founder of

Zand Kitchen Products


Our products produced by the best ingredients and if you looking for Gluten-free products without preservative and additives with medium heat you are in the right place.


Originating from Ancient Persia, Rome, India and China, condiments were often used to improve the taste of spoiling food before food preservation techniques were known. Today, condiments are used to complement and enhance the food we eat.

The history of Zand Kitchen’s sides lies back in their hometown of Shiraz in Iran. A family member opened a local eatery serving hot dogs and sandwiches. Zand then experimented with hot sauces and mayonnaise to complement the food – it was so popular customers would complain if their sides weren’t available!

Gourmet sides made with passion.