About Us

Welcome to Zand Kitchen.

Zand Kitchen is a family business that started with an idea for bringing people to the table. The name of Zand Kitchen inspired by an ancient Persian king “Karim Khan Zand”. He was the founder of the Zand Dynasty and the King (Shah) of Persia (Iran), ruling from 1751 to 1779. He ruled all of Persia. While Karim was the ruler, Persia recovered from the devastation of 40 years of war, providing the war ravaged country with a renewed sense of tranquillity, security, peace, and prosperity. During his reign, relations with Britain were restored, and he allowed the East India Company to have a trading post in southern Iran. He made Shiraz his capital and ordered the construction of several architectural projects there that still are the most tourist attraction places in Shiraz.

Hossein and his partner Taha, the owners of Zand Kitchen, are from the ancient city of Shiraz and from when they moved to New Zealand they are the creative hands behind the products made in Zand Kitchen. Hossein’s background and experience are as a food technologist, working in the food industry for over 20 years. Taha studied cookery and is the main chef of their household, especially for dinner parties. With such a vast knowledge of cooking and experience in food production, Hossein and Taha have used their talent and background to make sides sauces that people will love. For preparing Zand Kitchen products they have always tried to use the best and the freshest ingredients without using any preservatives and additives.

They both have a genuine passion for food. They love to entertain, and nothing makes them happier than to see people enjoying their food.

products they have available, check out Zand’s product here.